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 Sa Tetsuei one coach outlet stop 29 1 offensive foul Queran

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PostSubject: Sa Tetsuei one coach outlet stop 29 1 offensive foul Queran   Mon Jul 05, 2010 8:33 pm

With Villa's goal, the World Cup in South Africa, Spain, 1 / 8 finals 1-0 out of Portugal, the bulls enter Top 8. Peak 29 in this game collapse of Portugal's attack, only paid a small price to 1 foul, the defense called the perfect defender of Spain. It is worth mentioning that the Peak Pregame psychological warfare, let C Lo bear the psychological pressure is not small.

According to "Masters Tencent data analysis," after the match statistics, Pick out the Portuguese in the game today to complete a 2 tackles, 2 steals, 5 Disembarrassing (header and big feet) and 20 predict the other passing and successful implementation of the intercept. In other words, Pick one person to the collapse of Portugal's 29 attack. Scenes from today's game can see, the whole game by Spain to suppress most of the time living in Portugal, a rare opportunity to get the number of offensive opportunities, but the offensive numbers of the few Portuguese, a people destroyed by Peak 29 times. Pick the completion of these defensive performance, only paid a small price to 1 foul. It is worth mentioning that the Pick 4 games are only 3 fouls, which the group match against Chile, zero foul staged a miracle, a model called the defender of civilization.

Pick a personal look at results, only the number of defense for his remarkable success, while Bi Pike's Club senior, Puyol results, in particular, can significantly Peak even better. Puyol in today's game completed a 5 tackles, 1 steal, 0 Disembarrassing and 16 predict the successful implementation of the other pass and intercepted a total of 22 times the opponent's attack, Bi Pike exactly 7 times less .
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Sa Tetsuei one coach outlet stop 29 1 offensive foul Queran
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