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 . Portugal and Romania coach outlet have contracted the sam

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PostSubject: . Portugal and Romania coach outlet have contracted the sam   Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:36 pm

Grape without teeth! Spain and Portugal, two teeth collide,strikers teeth wins. Group match clean sheet and can not guarantee that Portugal World Cup in South Africa go far enough, Queiroz Portugal defense is commendable, but the long-term risk of severe weakness Feng, unable killed opponents, can only wait for someone else killed themselves in Iraq than Australian derby out is proof.

Villa scored in the first 63 minutes before the solid defensive play fast counter attack on the Portuguese team more threatening. The match against Spain, Portugal or the third battle, as the group stage as Brazil, after the defense market contraction, and then a long pass C Luo, C Luo use of a breakthrough in the sidewalk looking for opportunities. Another approach is to Tiago in the trench warfare in the two lower back outside the area or Meireleis sudden Shi Leng Jian. The first 20 minutes Tiago closed area, long range, Casillas sell, Almeida almost goal is Queiroz Portugal midfielder attack instance.

C Lo's free kick is also a killer, one of the first 27 minutes C Lo any left back sent the ball in front of the rapidly sinking, Real Madrid team-mate Iker Casillas could only barely body he denied. Or winger biography, by a height advantage of the Almeida to complete your door blow. 39 minutes, Meireleis cross from the left, the Almeida small restricted area high leaps, a header just wide, missing the best first half scoring opportunities. The first 41 minutes West Mountain counterattack almost succeeded, thanks to Casillas attack to destroy the ball outside the area. 43 minutes, Keentelang cross from the left, by Tiago in the restricted area high leaps, again almost succeeded.
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. Portugal and Romania coach outlet have contracted the sam
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