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  Contribute coach handbags outlet a better translation

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PostSubject: Contribute coach handbags outlet a better translation   Tue Jun 29, 2010 1:23 am

History is always striking similarities, in 2002, the highly anticipated World Cup first came to the Americas and Europe continents, resulting in that World Cup, door operations in Korea and Japan have historically among the knockout, which South Korea is the way wiped out Portugal, Italy and Spain three European giants broke into the Top 4, shocked the world. The South African World Cup is the second time this international soccer event outside of the Americas and Europe continents, the results in Korea and Japan together as eight years ago into 16, this time, they do not even judge the inclination of the penalty. <br> <br>Although the Japanese debut on the beat of the African lion of Cameroon, even though they face the Second World War and the Netherlands have only a small negative ball, but the fate of pre-war with Denmark, promising Japanese team reached the 16 fans are still few. Why is this so? The answer is simple, Denmark not only big, robust man, and is different from the Nordic team, play quite technical content, the Danish people more worthy of a point but they are also bullish on the fine tradition: each must be entered into the World Cup knockout. In contrast Japan, they are in the World Cup has always been on the European team good, and even take coach Takeshi Okada enemies too much big talk, the team may therefore be implicated. <br> <br>However, the reality is always beyond people's imagination. War on Denmark, Japan, although the audience Nordic seize the initiative, but Japanese do not seem fully to Asians smart, quick style of play, with the Honda Keisuke and Paul Jen Endo scored the game's 2 wonderful free kick , leisurely EGL Army eventually force Kedan Mai 3-1 team, the first time in history outside of World Cup scored 16. After the match, Denmark marshals Olson also praised Japan have added: "Today's Japan is very strong, they might best period in history, we are committed in the race stupid mistake, and therefore lost the Japanese team. "
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Contribute coach handbags outlet a better translation
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