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 Attack coach bags is not sharp observe instability Mingdou Paraguay

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Coach ha

PostSubject: Attack coach bags is not sharp observe instability Mingdou Paraguay   Thu Jun 17, 2010 5:21 am

to Mexico to fight and Switzerland, two warm-up show is currently in Italy, not sharp attack keep unstable state champion four years ago to become the strong line of defense now has relied on old and weighed, is still the main line of defense is no longer Cannavaro and Gianluca Zambrotta complex in the past, but had the strongest three-Pirlo and De Rossi in midfield because of injuries and greatly reduced the two major players, Xiu-free general, the coach can only be satisfied than the other three midfielders Gennaro Gattuso sent to 433 appearances, Rossi and Cassano's defeat that the Italian Army in the rich array Aura fewer and fewer players, Iaquinta is doubtful state of deep front will be able to tear such a reputation for moderation Paraguay defense.

Compared to the previous hang play, this year's lineup is more Gongshoupingheng Paraguay, in time to return the general height and skills, Dortmund arrows have excellent performance this quarter, consistent with the traditional solid defense, strong qualifier, such as Brazil and Argentina have also come to grief at the foot of the Pakistan Army, will compete in Italy were the biggest stumbling block to the first group .
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Attack coach bags is not sharp observe instability Mingdou Paraguay
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