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 One day we like coach bags

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PostSubject: One day we like coach bags   Wed Mar 31, 2010 7:46 pm

One day, coach bags, Socrates asked the teacher what is love? The teacher let him go first to the wheat fields, pick a full-Catcher in the largest and most golden wheat, the period Zhai only once, and can only go forward, not back.
Then the teacher said, according to Plato the effort. A result, he's out of the field empty-handed. The teacher asked him why he will not find any? He said: Because Zhai only once, can not turn back, during which even saw the largest and most golden, because I do not know whether there is a better front, there is no Zhai; walked in front, but also made less than the total never seen before Well, the largest and most had already missed the golden wheat; so I did not pick, the teacher said: This is the "love."
After another day, Plato asked his teacher what is marriage, his teacher told him to go first woods, cut an entire forest's largest and most dense and most suitable for a family for Christmas trees. During the same can only be cut once, and the same can only go forward, not back.
Plato, shining the teachers say to do so. This coach outlet, he brought an ordinary, not very dense, but also not too bad tree back. The teacher asked him how to come back with a tree ordinary tree, he said: "With the previous experience, when I walked away more than half still empty-handed, I saw that this tree is not too bad, they cut down to, lest missed the post, and finally did not come out with nothing. "the teacher said," This is the marriage! "
Life, just as through the wheat fields and coach handbags, only to go once, can not go back. To find the best of their own wheat and trees, you must have great courage and made considerable efforts.
This article was written by joy1709 on 2010-4-1 from us-trade company.
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One day we like coach bags
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