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 Princess Diana gown sold for 192,000 pounds engagement

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PostSubject: Princess Diana gown sold for 192,000 pounds engagement   Sat Jun 12, 2010 11:31 pm

Diana and Charles was only 19 at the age of engagement, then engaged shortly after the Royal Opera House, and Charles to attend the first joint public. She was wearing low-cut black taffeta evening appearances, the brilliant surprise four, the spotlight after another, the next day boarded the front page of major newspapers, fashion sense the subject of much praise.

It is reported that Charles does not agree with Diana, select a black dress, in his view, only the royal family to wear black when attending a funeral. But Diana would like to look more mature, the result will be a press likelihood of snatched just played a focus outshine Charles.

In fact, in the era of the royal family for more than the morning wearing black clothes, but Diana's young age but that the black elegant, it seems ripe, so to break the routine, at night, wearing a black appearance.

This evening was commissioned by the passage of the famous fashion designer David and Elizabeth - Emanuel Design.

But Diana's engagement was busy planning a wedding, a lot of tension under the thin, had ordered a good evening because of loose and sent to Immanuel changes modify the site as too many designers redo a smaller final decision the same section size evening dresses, evening gowns left behind the original, with garbage bags with clothing and other related materials in the stockroom, after 20 years, recently "brought to light."
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Princess Diana gown sold for 192,000 pounds engagement
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