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PostSubject: Coach Tote Bags   Sat May 29, 2010 7:51 am

In this case, the accidental officialdom himself "new countries, especially since the article" issued by the tax levy, about whether or not and whether more strict estate on the bench, new rumours have JiQuanBuNing compatriots, stock up. "" - or not? This is a question.
Because, and social gossip is different, the so-called "within three years no room tax", "new short-term without property, not from such folk" products ", but from the development of the staff JinKouYuYan ", "although the latter denied" interviews, but also not clear whether similar words. But public discrimination is limited, waving, said after the head, don't say confidently public befuddled, experts also false. No wonder there commentary said: the rumor that can be so tossing, I would be wise to fool over. Even the famous Forbes magazine issued the "China real estate tax say" who doubts.
Actually, the fundamental problem caused by many defects or system. For example, in the western developed countries, researchers and officials of the identity is completely separated, research institutions, non-governmental organizations have mostly government funding, no administrative levels, researchers will not be regarded as the speech, only to be official attitudes towards the market analysis in the reference material. While China is different, most ministries and research institutions to eat is HuangLiang ", "the researchers wear hats", "is used to nature and researchers in official to this BBS, today, tomorrow to the guest in the lecture to ridicule, is an official", "glory is wrong," fabrication insofar, a researcher "does not mean" official shield, who also helpless.
Therefore, the researchers "don't touch ministries pot" bad habit, really has reached the point of change. In the long run, we can refer to separation ZhengYan separation, it shall make is the only way, From the current real estate, a series of measures to the implementation of the national development and reform commission is probation officials and scholars not 100% sure, please don't believe carelessly, nonsense, "the researchers" not "life-saving straw, otherwise, the loss of the government credibility" is the only is reduced, the public credibility "and" accomplish its heart, believe the government decisions.
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Coach Tote Bags
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