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 Coach Tribeca Bags

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.Coach T

PostSubject: Coach Tribeca Bags   Fri May 28, 2010 5:19 am

"Jump" twelve, twelve, twelve young life in foxconn, after the jump to what reason? How people die, even a dying testament is not? Very doubtful. 11 "jump" "li hai, people in the home, can arrive only 42 days died foxconn, shady, even a dying testament also have no, not logical, die before at least want to own parents say something is stupid person may not even a few simple words are not written, even a telephone without playing, so, besides muddleheaded ground died here are college students. Those so-called experts light by the imagination will cause all belong to the psychological problems of psychological problems, and to have a considerable development process, never in such a short time, bear the modern psychology is dead, scientific, not the metaphysics.
Physical condition, the job is too tired, spirit is depressed, and this is the common problems of private enterprises, can be in so short a period of time, indeed, an incident occurred jump.
The suicide is no suicide that how? Forensic identification of whether to support the suicide? A private enterprise may employ nearly a million people to the point that it has been ignored social potential, if there is any other variables, the consequence is unimaginable.
Say to the question of suicide, experts also should give you a correct analysis, the world is brokenhearted, usually malignant disease, frustration, etc., in the workplace can walk away, but why can't they choose to resign? Young people have large plastic, should not choose this way, those who are poor in the age of small children in a family, take care of independent choice, but as a certain young culture: how can a replacement is not just gone?
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Coach Tribeca Bags
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