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 Chanel Tote Bags

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PostSubject: Chanel Tote Bags   Fri May 21, 2010 7:14 am

Reporter: tomorrow's ZhaoBaoTong reports, YaZhouBeiSai will start in chengdu. At 7:30 tomorrow, China will debut at the

group team. China has WenJiang base from chengdu, jinjiang hotel, bay mare to embark on a formal Asian. The other three teams in the group stage and staying here. China's

ShangRuiHua manager to prepare the media, said: "the key is 19 games with South Korea, this game is mental, than if we grasp, is to win South Korea."

Know the girl's psychological ShangRuiHua, a city will lead all players, watching film, on the one hand, 2 "asked before the relaxed, on the other hand also to strengthen the consciousness of the players. ShangRuiHua emphasize most is a leaf,

"asked the movie, girls are very excited, ask not defeated moved. We are a leaf, courage to enterprising." ShangRuiHua think, now has no need for much of the mobilization,

"was held to players YiGuJin, waiting for the team to win the World Cup scoring.
Today is 2010-5-21.This article was post from by zocytrade0001
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Chanel Tote Bags
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