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 Coach Bags Outlet

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Coach Ba

PostSubject: Coach Bags Outlet   Mon May 03, 2010 12:15 am

Ru Yuan's phone rang, and a phone abroad, but not the month number, a strange call, when she received after starting: "Hi, you are the sister Yang Yang Ru Yuan Hanyue it? You hear the consumers themselves, the Do not be too sad, Yang Hanyue taking home three days ago, committed suicide. to ask you three days to Beijing, to make the call to us, we will of her ashes and her suicide note to you. "When then finished, Ru Yuan took the phone, do not want to believe it, she played on the phone, but many times we heard the other party is canceled. But she was still in the name of, she would like to hear the sweet call on the other side: 'sister'. However. . . . . . . She took the phone, stop the fighting, stop the fighting that had a familiar number, one hour, two hours, three hours. . . . . . . So I do not know how many hours passed, and finally, she accepted the fact. Today is 2010-5-03.This article was post from by Goldenguy .
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Coach Bags Outlet
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