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 Coach Patchwork Purse Outlet

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PostSubject: Coach Patchwork Purse Outlet   Mon Apr 26, 2010 7:15 am

The expansion of the rock fissure feel the pain and threat, it finally

succumbed to the tree. It begged the tree: "tree brother,

your perseverance that I admire,

but I implore you to a change of growth mode, you'd better not go down to

the high long, too high, catch the wind ah. Moreover, You should root for a

way to wrap me up. so, I avoided the risk of splitting your feet more

firmly the foundation. " However, a tree, said angrily: "Rock Man, did you

despise me, now afraid of? I long for a hundred years is only so big

points, compared with the surrounding

trees, I look too slow. This is because your sake. "Rock said: "When I do

not want you to long in my body is for myself, is this for you. Now,

between us is Dependence. I advise you is to split from my own, but also

for your security from threats ah. "
Today is 2010-4-22.This article was post from by coachmalls
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Coach Patchwork Purse Outlet
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