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 Coach Bags Outlet

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Coach Ba

PostSubject: Coach Bags Outlet   Thu Apr 22, 2010 11:25 pm

A team of businessmen rode a camel in the desert walk, suddenly the air came a mysterious voice: "grab a handful of sand in my pocket it, it will be gold." Was heard and it simply did not believe it was skeptical, a handful on the bag. It was all a handful of letters as much as possible then put a big bag of gravel, they continue on the road, not very easy to go with gravel, while the walk with a very heavy. Many days later, they emerge from the desert, who caught gravel open pocket delighted to discover that the heavy rough gravel have become Huangcan Can gold. I thought the good times, they could not think the moral of the story lies. Then I see a long life of each person, time is like sand on earth, only those who seize the time to those of ordinary coarse sand into precious gold. People do not grasp the time course easily clear, but his long history of life is always as bleak as coarse sand, unable to pronounce, such as golden splendor. Ask yourself today, how much gravel caught in the pocket?
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Coach Bags Outlet
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