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  cheap coach bags,coach bags

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PostSubject: cheap coach bags,coach bags   Wed Dec 07, 2011 6:28 am

In one village, there likes coach bags, what difficulties or problems have come to him for advice. One day clever and mischievous child, who want to deliberately make things difficult for the elderly. He had a birdie to catch, grip in the palm of your hand, the Pao Quwen the elderly: "grandfather heard that you are the most intelligent people, but I do not believe that. If you can guess my hands, the bird is alive or dead, I'll believe it. "
Watching the children, a sly old eyes, an idea, if he answered birds are living, the children will be secretly stiffening strangled the bird; if the answer is that he died, the children will be with open arms so that birds fly away . Old patted children on the shoulder with a smile said: "The only birdie of the life and death, it all depends on yours!"
The future and destiny of each person, like Nazhi birds, like rests in your own hands. Matter whether further education, employment, Ye Hao, entrepreneurship is also true, as long as work hard will be successful. A philosopher said: Human life is a series of choices, everyone's future and destiny is entirely in their own cheap coach bags, if they work hard and eventually will become.
This article was written by joy1709 on 2010-3-23 from us-trade company.

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cheap coach bags,coach bags
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