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  nike dunk shoes

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PostSubject: nike dunk shoes   Sat Oct 29, 2011 7:06 am

nike dunk shoes
"Undeniably, the nike dunk shoes that some people are 'Fu II', but not mainstream." For many people accustomed to cars with "rich second generation" linked to the view, K showed Mr. strongly opposed. "I was an ordinary person, I am 31 years old, from Beijing, in pawn, and other financial industries." K President said, "such as my parents, that is, ordinary workers have to ask me for money." He also told reporters : "I grew up like the car, vocational high school graduates to work after 20 years of age to buy my first car. it was a second-hand car 1 year old Santana, 9 million on the purchase, and can not wait to sleep in the car every day, excited high level of car to buy no less than later. then work hard to get rich through nike dunk, now has three four vehicles. "

Despite having a Lamborghini, but as "working people" and Mr. K are not used to driving a sports car to work every day, but drive a Wrangler. "Many members of life are simple, everyday people think of the delicacy of the extravagant life does not exist. Like me, just business dinner, it will please our customers eat well. Its usually a homemade bowl of fried rice at home, on the very good, all right children and friends to eat the food stalls skewers child, drink a beer or something very happy. AA members out of the system will be dinner. "

According to reports, cheap nike dunks of the age from 20 to 60 years there, mostly self-made person, such as businessmen, professional drivers. Who really loves to play cars are very low-key and even a silly car's "crazy." Some people buy a sports car for two years before running 1,000 km, at home not on the road, driving to work on the open general commercial vehicle, only to participate in club activities will be friends only with cars. "True car hidden car, into which most of their income, other aspects of life are very simple examples, some members living in an ordinary commercial housing, but to buy their dunk shoes super sports car." K said Mr..

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nike dunk shoes
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