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  i like air jordans

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PostSubject: i like air jordans   Sat Aug 06, 2011 4:24 am

i like air jordans
70 years ago, air jordans Piaoyang Norway to France, he wanted to apply for prestigious Paris Conservatory of Music. Examination of the time, even though he tried his level of play to the best condition, but the interviewer still could not fancy him.
Penniless young man came to the University outside a busy street not far away, tighten their belts in the banyan tree under the pull of the hands of the piano. He pulled up another one song, which attracted many people stop to listen. Hunger finally won the young men their own Qin He, surrounding people have funds in place Qinhe.
A rogue disdain to throw the money in young men's feet. Young men looked at the rogue, bent down and picked up the money eventually handed rogue said: "Sir, your money lost on the ground."
Rogue took the money, re-throwing young men in the foot, once again arrogantly said: "This money is already yours, you have to accept!"
Young men looked at the rogue again, deeply bowed to him, said: "Sir, thank you for your assistance! Just lost your money, I bent over to pick it up for you. air jordan shoes my money out on the floor, Could you pick up for me! "
Rogue unexpected move by young men shook and eventually picked up the money into the young man on the ground of Qin He, then dingy to go.
Onlookers in a pair of eyes has been quietly watching the young man who is just the interviewer. He will be young men back to college, he finally admitted.This article was written by joy1709 on 2010-6-2 from us-trade company.
The young men called Biersading, and later became somewhat famous Norwegian musician, his masterpiece is "Straighten your chest."
When we fall into the lowest point of life, they often will lead to many unwarranted contempt; when we are struggling to survive the moment, often you will encounter trample the dignity of man. Tit for tat against our instincts, but often make little virtue that lack of knowledge even more brutal. We as a sensible response to a tolerant attitude to display and preserve our dignity. Then you will find any evil in the face of nike jordan shoes can not stand firm.
Curved waist, pick up your dignity!

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i like air jordans
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