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 coach handbags,coach bags

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PostSubject: coach handbags,coach bags   Sat Jun 18, 2011 1:58 am

The hands of business cards
A pair of husband and wife have been married 10 years to the other side of the city to see friends, come back the sky had been late, have once again last bus, the husband said, coach bags from the front and rear Go get on people too much. His wife nodded in agreement. Car through the front door squeezed her husband standing in the middle compartment was crowded with layers of people very uncomfortable. Suddenly there is a hand quietly grasped his hand the feel he knew it was not his wife's hand, because of his wife's hand certainly not so warm, soft, delicate and captivating ... ... he really hoped that this car will have no stopped to go on, even to the dawn will do. And then thought, this is a what kind of women? Her how she took note of me? What's her name then? How can get in touch with her? Emmanuel brain suddenly flash, quietly took out his business card stuffed Nazhi a lovely little hands. Vehicles finally the station had. Her husband reluctantly ground floor of the car. Another example of doors down from his wife, did not seem aware of anything. Two people have coach outlet, a motorcycle mad rushing and rushed his wife hesitated a little, or physically break open her husband covered in blood ... ... the husband grabbed his wife ran into the hospital, when the dawn, the doctor come out to tell him that we have tried our best, your wife just want to buy coach handbags. Her husband entered the room, the wife of a hand-formed into a fist, then the hand like a movie in slow motion, like slowly open, her husband's name card slipped silently down the ...
Listen to this story is about a decade ago, had never been seen I was an avid lover of literature, a minor celebrity of the writers seemed to appreciate my writing, in his home a "salon", the writers talked about this story. There were a pair of young couples, after hearing the story, that the wife washed her husband angrily said, look you men this virtue! Daoshi my fearless, I loudly said: "In fact, this story is not the tragedy of the man, do you think about it, couples married 10 years, and if the sum of the husband when his wife Lara nothing of what hand to shake hands, but also As for her husband to his wife's hand as someone else's hands? "At this time, the writer said, Xiao Laodi right, this story might sound, will for this man angry, then one may think, have a responsibility to his wife. With regard to the topic of marriage was too broad and too heavy, we can not simply affirm who is wrong who is right. Everyone would have nodded, I noted that dependence on the husband and wife Xiang Wei, her husband shook his wife's hand Coach Patchwork Purses.
This article was written by joy1709 on 2010-3-22 from us-trade company.

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coach handbags,coach bags
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