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  Natural leather

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PostSubject: Natural leather    Thu Jun 16, 2011 1:34 am

Characteristics of natural leather is better than other materials, is that it flexible, breathable, abrasion, folding, beautiful.so is necessary to help high-grade leather material. Its characteristics are: 1. Merits of very different parts of the natural leather. As part of skin in animals of different functions, production, development is different, made of leather fiber structure after its ministries, density, tear, out Zhang intensity are different. In particular,buy ugg shoes perception, feeling extension flex resistance and processing properties are different. 2. Parts of fibers (silk lines) structure of direction. Different parts of each leather fiber to different. When the leather by stretching role, different in different parts of elongation. Different rates of some force, the elongation is different, and differ greatly. 3. With breathability. This feature allows the wearer to sweat, discharged to outside the shoe cavity, so that the Discount UGG Boots feel comfortable. 4. Good heat and cold. 5. Abrasion resistance, good pressing performance, and there easy to process and performance. 6. Leather is soft, tough, but also flexibility and flex resistance. Adapt to physiological needs. 7. Beautiful, and has easy modification, Classic Tall Ugg Boots modeling performance.
UGG Sandals is the pilot and the beginning surfer to wear, then the girls just beginning to wear. Foreign men wearing Classic Short Ugg Boots very normal, but the domestic seemingly small, plus the people thought the market was also more conservative and some issues that may not currently be accepted by most people.It's written by yoyolt on 9.11.

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Natural leather
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