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  Skidding on the wet floor?

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PostSubject: Skidding on the wet floor?   Mon May 30, 2011 3:07 am

[b]Skidding on the wet floor?
well ok this is what happened..........around 2 months ago i fell down a flight of 22 stairs on which mopping had been done........i had some internal blood clotting on my right thigh........i took medicine and it got relieved...now today i skidded on wet floor again only to discover that my elbows,wrists,lower arms,ankles and that poor thigh had begun paining again.......otherwise i'm going to consult the doctor tomorrow but is there something i could eat like any fruits or vegetables that could help relieve such internal pains??? P.S. I'm a vegetarian since the very beginning of my life...

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Skidding on the wet floor?
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