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PostSubject: HOW DO YOU CARE THE MBT SHOSES   Sun May 08, 2011 3:13 am

Many people buy mbt shoes to wear after a period of time, they become very difficult to

see. MBT shoes, the quality n 'is not really bad, but don 'has not paid attention in their daily life problems of MBT shoe

care at the end how keeping the MBT Casual shoes.Editor MBT Let us help answer this question.
1 MBT regular cleaning, dirty shoes, you use a soft swab dipped in cleaning agents, do not paint with the brush Meng.
2. Note that cleaning should not use bleach.
3, mbt shoe brush will not end after the drying in the sun, so fade, to put the shade,

natural air-dry.
4, To prevent seepage of water, exposure, and roasted; washed to avoid direct sunlight on the one hand caused by aging,

deformation, discoloration, and net surface fracture.
5, should pay attention to special shoes, special, indoor sports shoes should not be strenuous exercise outdoors.
6, when used, MBT shoes at the end to avoid contact with large oil spill or other corrosive and, if contaminated, must

immediately wash with water.
7, do not wear when out insoles, MBT shoes will be placed in dry and ventilated place, easy to distribute hot shoes,

8, as far as possible to avoid the squeeze, so that MBT shoes to keep the original state of no deformation.
9 for a long time without using mbt shoes , the need to clean dry, after the paper

wrapped stored in dry place.
Know this, because if she bought a pair of MBT chapa can be maintained in accordance

with this method a coup d 'look at the good. We have new MBT Casual MBT shoes, blue shoes with this list, and if you would

like See you soont be controlled.it's written by 7771032qq on 6.7

Seo UK

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