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 AV Multi cable for Panasonic SD60

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PostSubject: AV Multi cable for Panasonic SD60   Mon May 02, 2011 10:39 pm

I scratched my head until a bald patch appeared trying to figure out which board to ask this question in!

I have just bought an ex-display Panasonic HDC-SD60 for a ridiculously low price. It's just for a bit of fun, for family occasions etc, when I really don't want to wheel out the big gun cameras.

I've discovered that the kit was complete except for the av cable which has a (presumably) Panasonic proprietory connector on one end RCA phonos on the other. I've been back to the store but they don't have it any more and I have searched high and low for a replacement but I can't find one anywhere (ebay, Panasonic spares website, etc)
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AV Multi cable for Panasonic SD60
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