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 What's wrong with my Sales Page?

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PostSubject: What's wrong with my Sales Page?   Tue Apr 26, 2011 4:06 am

What's wrong with my Sales Page?
I don't deal much with this type of landing page, but I have read many places that you need a big call to action above the fold. At least a button that jumps down to the order button.

Also, this is just a guess, but you may be invoking a negative psychological undercurrent by saying how boring and slow reading is, then prompting the user to read a long sales pitch. I think you should maybe have some bullet points of the main benefits (along with the pitch) and the call to action above the fold. Or maybe even move the video up. It just seems like reading a long pitch is probably the opposite of what your particular audience wants to do.

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What's wrong with my Sales Page?
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