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 Can You Put your Notary in Jail?

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PostSubject: Can You Put your Notary in Jail?    Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:48 am

Nope, not this notary, out I go - fortunately this is a rare event. But backdating is not the only improper request. Lack of identification - or ID that is weak is a more common occurrence. Most times a Driver's license or Passport is presented. But, sometimes, I am shown a membership card from Freddies Gym! Sorry, but the standard is government issued photo ID. A wise notary learns to ask about the ID prior to making the trip. Some cases really are tearjerkers - grandma has Altzheimers - and the daughter wants to help her sign the Power of Attorney by guiding her hand to sign the page. Under some conditions that might be acceptable, but if grandma can't tell me who the President of the United States currently is..... signing fails the test of understood and willfully signed.
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Can You Put your Notary in Jail?
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