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 Is an Apostille issued for a specific country?

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PostSubject: Is an Apostille issued for a specific country?   Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:48 am

An Apostille is issued by the US Department of State, assuming a properly prepared set of documents; for use in any country signatory to Article 12 of The Hague. This section relates to the international use of personal documents. Thus, an Apostille is not issued for use only in Italy; the same Apostille bearing document can also be used in France. As a New York Mobile Notary Public I am often asked to obtain multiple copies of the Apostille for use in many countries. If you are permitted to show and keep the Apostille bearing document - you need only one; it's good in all countries that accept an Apostille.
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Is an Apostille issued for a specific country?
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