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 In fact more than just Liang Zheng

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PostSubject: In fact more than just Liang Zheng   Mon Apr 11, 2011 2:26 am

In fact more than just Liang Zheng, a man said to me this looks like a ghost surprise, the morning came all the way, know me All people see me as a face. I wish I did not like that year after being hit, like my mother, wearing sunglasses to school. Is thought of my mother, her phone to come, rather abruptly I was also shocked, watching the phone kept flashing, I was Vibram Five Fingers Shoes still reluctant to say then. If then, she heard my voice must be able to hear the clues, I was struggling, phone hung up. No wait a minute, the phone rang again, this situation since my university is the first time. Anything past her, if I did not received a phone call, a text message is nothing more than a replacement. This anomalous situation before I answer the phone, to have a kind Five Fingers Sprint of foreboding. Sure, my mom just said something on the other, I mouth and tears at full blast on the down. She said: "Come back, your grandmother can not lah." I stand up and panic, books and pens to be careful I do not get on the Vibram Kso ground, I do not bother to pick out. Zheng Liang packed my books aside, while the back shouted at me: "Song of micro, ah you pay attention to safety." No extra effort went a point to say thank you, I even get time to point back to the flat wash supplies, directly at the school gate stopped a taxi and rushed aboard the bus station. Halo car since childhood, I usually little bus ride, but today I have no matter what, and rushed to the ticket booth, bought a ticket back to the city of Z, there is a quarter of an hour driving time away. This is almost the longest I have ever experienced fifteen minutes, feel ill at ease, I looked at the number of mobile phone top-left corner displays the time, a surge of tearful swarmed the throat. Finally on the train, the tellers counted the number of people started coming along, wearing a thick gold necklace, still leisurely driver was smoking, for the usual, I am sure he will focus on the gold necklace, guess it was seven dollars a meter, or ten dollars a meter. But today, I did not Xianxin. In the delayed five minutes later, I can not help, I finally collapsed 5 Fingers Shoes completely, I gave them blurted out: "I beg you to drive it, my grandma to die!" Screams the words, I was moved to tears fall, two seconds of silence throughout the cabin. Two seconds later, the car started.  
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In fact more than just Liang Zheng
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