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 We get married

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PostSubject: We get married   Mon Apr 11, 2011 2:24 am


"We get married." Questions ranging from Li Lang, she changed a tone, repeated just said. Her face looked up with clear expectations, Li Lang bowed his head brushing teeth, turn around and hug her, this delicate face staring eyes. After a long time, he said quietly: "Shen words, I may need some time ... ... to prepare." When I woke up the next morning, Jun is not cool apartment. Only in the Tang and Yuan Yuan, or usual make-up mirror, see I woke up, she kindly asked: "If you do not the spirit, do not go to school today, right, and if upon me to leave you good." "No, I Liang Zheng was not going to make things difficult. "Since that accompanied her to do Vibram Five Fingers Shoes a freckle after the surgery, the relationship between the two of us more harmonious than before. Sometimes I think the world is really ironic, do you think most trusted friend, may be unexpected when you poke your knife; and you do not have what had been thought that the intersection of people, there may be frustrated in your time to give you a little comfort. I washed my face with cold water, looked at the schedule, pick up the book just like Tang Yuan Yuan went to the classroom. Passing the lake, she secretly aiming me, but I pretend like nothing perceived, continue to eat my breakfast. "Song Wei, Su Yun you now know a lot of cool, right?" The early morning sun shone on her face, had to admit, in fact, Tang and Yuan Yuan's facial features look pretty good. I told her, smiled, said nothing. Jun cool even if I break into the well-known with the point, it does not mean I would to anyone that she's not, and I believe her too. This is a strange understanding: who told you that person is my best, besides me, no one is eligible to stand on the highest point of moral blame you, they do not deserve. First class after class, Zheng Liang want to sit next to me ran the Tang Yuan Yuan, said nothing, but before he could close, Tang Yuan Yuan to quickly slip away. He immediately flushed with embarrassment, in order to find a level, he had struck up a conversation with me: "Song of micro, how your eyes swollen like this ah?" Actually, I have been in a daze the whole class is simply not heard the teacher says In short, know that Zheng Liang and sat Vibram Kso down beside me in Five Fingers Sprint my name, I was driven to distraction in the state where from sober. His face filled with curiosity: "ask you ah, your eyes swollen how the fish takes a 5 Fingers Shoes bubble, like ah?"  

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We get married
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