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 Husband and wifeshall

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PostSubject: Husband and wifeshall   Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:35 pm

Husband and wifeshall


Husband and wifeshall not share the same sleepingmat, and shall not borrow each other's things, including articles of dress. What is said within the women's quarters shall not become known outside, what is said among men outside shall not be divulged to the women. When the man enters his women's quarters, he shall not sing or point with his hands. When going outside at night he shall carry a lamp, if he has no lamp he shall stay inside. When a woman goes out she shall veil her face; if she goes outside at night she shall carry a lamp, if she has no lamp she shall stay inside. Walking in the street the men shall keep to the right, the women to the left".
The general rule was that all physical contact ot husband and wife should be strictly confined to the married couch. Having left the bed they should avoid all direct or indirect contact, they had to take care not to touch each other's hands when giving things to each other, they should not use the
Juicy Couture Handbags same cup or plate while taking food and drink. It should be added, however, that the bed was Juicy Couture much more than a mere couch, it was a spacious bedstead, really a small room in itself. It had four pillars, connected by latticework and round those there were curtains. Inside this screened-off compartment there was Juicy Couture Outlet a stand with a mirror and toilet articles, a clothes horse etc. The bedstead depicted on Plate IV, though painted a few centuries later, gives in the main a good idea of that in use during the Han period. But even in the privacy of this bedstead man and wife should not call each other by their names. These Juicy Couture Sale
rules applied not only to the husband and his principal wife, but also to all his other wives and concubines.
All these rules by no means imply, however, that the Confucianists considered the sexual act as a "sin", and woman as the origin of this sin as did the medieval Christian Church; no conception was farther from them than the "abomination of the flesh". The Confucianist abhorrence of sexual dalliance was determined mainly by the fear that wantonness might disrupt the sacred family life, and also by their reverence for the process of human procreation one aspect of the eternal self-renewal of the Universe solemn process that must not be debased by (in their view) superfluous amorous play. Therefore, although the Confucianists considered woman as inferior to man, this idea appeared as natural to them as that of Earth being inferior to Heaven.
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Husband and wifeshall
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