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 The Confucianists

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PostSubject: The Confucianists   Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:34 pm

The Confucianists


Since the Confucianists recognized that lax morals formed the most serious menace to a stable family-life and Juicy Couture undisturbed continuation of the lineage, they laid great stress on the old principle of the separation of the sexes.
The Rites
Juicy Couture Handbags are founded on the correct relation of man and wife. In the dwelling house, outside and inside are clearly divided; the man lives in the outer, the women in
the inner apartments. The latter are located at the back of the house, the doors are kept locked, and guarded by eunuchs. (Without valid reason) the men do not enter, neither do the women leave them.
"Man and woman do not use the same clothes-rack, a wife shall not make bold to hang her garments on her husband's clothes-horse, neither shall she place them in the same chests. Husband and wife shall not
Juicy Couture Sale bathe together. If the husband is absent, his wife shall place his pillow in a box, put his mats in their covers, and lock them away. Young persons shall serve their ciders, all in the same manner as a wife serves her husband. Juicy Couture Outlet
The Rites regulating the relation of man and wife are valid only till they have reached their seventieth year, then there is no objection any more to their storing their personal apparel together".
"Men shall not speak about their women's quarters, the women there shall not speak about the men's affairs. Except when taking part in sacrificial or funerary ceremonies, a man and a woman shall not give anything directly one to the other from hand to hand. If a man gives something to a woman, she receives it on a bamboo tray; should such not be available, both shall squat, the man places the object on the floor and the woman then takes it up. Men and women shall not go to the same well, nor to the same bathing place.
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The Confucianists
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