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 Marriage system of dividing

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PostSubject: Marriage system of dividing    Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:33 pm


 They had retained the Ch'in system of dividing the realm into separate Juicy Couture Sale administrative units, the "commanderies", each governed by a Grand Administrator, and "fiefs" given to members of the imperial family and meritorious statesmen. Each of these units was subdivided into prefectures, governed by a Prelect. All these officials had large staffs. In order to man this complicated new bureaucratic machinery an extensive personnel was needed, able to read and write and coDvcrsant Juicy Couture Handbags with the rules and regulations. The Confucianist scholars were the only class from which competent personnel could recruited in the required numbers. From Juicy Couture tliis time onward the "scholar-officials" have played a predominant role in the Chinese civil and military service.
The Confucianist scholars carried through consequently the system developed by Confucius' disciples. They reaffirmed that the family was the fundament of the state, the man its head, and woman a biologically indispensable but decidedly inferior member of the household. The institution of marriage was extolled, but the personal significance of the wife treated as a matter of secondary importance.
These principles are clearly laid down in the Li-chi, the "Book of Rites", an extensive collection
Juicy Couture Outlet of heterogeneous texts of greatly diverging date, dealing with rites and ritual. Regarding marriage this text lays the following words in the mouth of Confucius:
"If Heaven and Earth were not mated, the myriad things would not have been born. It is by means of the great rite of marriage that mankind subsists throughout the myriad generations."
A consequence of this elevated conception of marriage was that every woman, however poor, stupid or ugly, could claim the right to obtain a husband. On higher social levels every householder was bound in duty to provide husbands for everyone of the women employed by liim, and among the lower classes and the peasantry the supplying of suitable mates to every single maid or woman in their midst was a communal obligation. And as appears from the discussion of the mci-shih here above, this obligation was endorsed by the authorities.
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Marriage system of dividing
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