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 Rewritten Choutexts

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PostSubject: Rewritten Choutexts   Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:31 pm

Rewritten Choutexts


These rewritten Choutexts became the Classics of Confucianism, and have remained so till well into the nineteenth century. Then progressive Chinese scholars began to question their authenticity, and since that time a critical re-appraisal of those texts has been one of the major tasks of sinology in both east and west.
Especially with regard to the old data on sexual relations the Han Confucianists had to use
many a tour de force in order to make the conditions attested by Chou material accord with the Confucianist standards of morality. They were shocked by the marriage customs of the common people as described in the Book of Odes, and therefore stated that all the courting and mating during the spring festivals took place under the supervision and on the orders of a special official, called mei-shih "Middle-man". That official carefully registered names and ages of all boys and girls, and saw to it that the former were married Juicy Couture Outlet at the age of 30, the latter when they were 20. In the spring of every year he assembled all the marrigeable young men and women in his ressort, and ordered them to choose their mates and consummate the union without the ceremony of marriage. Those who did not choose a partner were punished All this appears highly improbable, the official called mei-shih must be considered as a fabrication Juicy Couture by the Han scholars, who wanted to give the sexual habits of the common people at least some kind of official character. Juicy Couture Handbags However, when later Confucianism had become the state religion, the commentators found even this chastened Han-version too liberal, and added to the passage quoted a note to the effect that it was a spurious addition, inserted during the reign Juicy Couture Sale
of the usurper Wang Mang, a convenient scape-goat."
The Han rulers though personally more inclined to Taoism, patronized Confucianist learning. Not only because it gave their Empire an ideological foundation, but also because the uprooting of the feudal system coupled with the unprecedented territorial expansion created a great demand for administrative personnel.
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Rewritten Choutexts
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