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 The Palace cult of the Han

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PostSubject: The Palace cult of the Han   Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:29 pm

The Palace cult of the Han


This expansion had in its wake a lively exchange of cultural goods between China and the outer world, Juicy Couture Sale including Iran and the Roman Empire.
The Palace cult of the Han rulers was predominantly Taoist. It was intended to enhance the Emperor's position as Lord of the Universe, of super human magical potency and longevity. The rulers surrounded themselves with Taoist alchcmists aud magicians, with whom they engaged in the search for the Elixir of Life, and the quest for the Isles of the Immortals.
It was in this period that the Taoist pantheon was enriched with new deities supposed to be special protcctors of the ruler, and that new and imposing religious ceremonies were instituted. In this period the male and female elements in the universe were personified in the mythical couple of Fu-lisi and Nu-kua. This pair was represented as a man and woman with fish-tails instead of legs, as Juicy Couture Outlet
shown on Plate I. The entwined tails evidently suggest sexual congress, but the meaning of the geometrical instruments they carry in their hands has not yet been satisfactorily explained.
Whereas Taoism was the personal religion of the Han rulers, they had to find also a more practical system of thought that would supply their colossal realm with a solid ideological basis. The Legalist school which had contributed so much to the rise of Ch'in proved too harsh
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and simplistic for the administration of a consolidated empire. While casting about for a system that would guarantee political stability while at the same time being suited to the new social and economic situation, they chose Confucianism, and resolved to model their empire on the pattern of an idealized early Chou realm, as Confucius had conceived of it.
A determined effort was made to reassemble the Chou texts dispersed or destroyed on the orders of the
Juicy Couture Chain Emperor. Scholars were set to work on those texts, and they started to edit them so as to make them accord with the ideals of the Confucianist school.  
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The Palace cult of the Han
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