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PostSubject: ...UK Business Forums Full Member...    Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:00 pm

A few points once they get to your website - It looks quite boring - you just have 6 products on the homepage - no special offers, nothing to get the viewers attention.

Have you submitted your products to google base? Will you be adding more products?

I clicked on product page and found 6 products, there was no price underneath so i clicked on one of the products - it opened in a new window which is quite annoying.

You have a laptop adapter that i clicked on - would it work with my toshiba satellite - i dont know as it doesnt say - theres nowhere i can message you for product information.

Maybe take a look at pc world and what information they give, some call to actions on the website would help. Have you done any SEO? Can you see what people are searching for? Have you done any advertising? Another thing it there is no prices on your website?

Is google analytics correctly installed on your website? Does it show that one person, me, has clicked through today? If not it may not be set up correctly
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...UK Business Forums Full Member...
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