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 Learning to park? Any tips, please?

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PostSubject: Learning to park? Any tips, please?   Thu Mar 17, 2011 3:56 am

I've been driving for awhile now; I'm learning to drive. I can drive very well. However, I can't park for the life of me. I always park crooked, or get scary close to the vehicle next to me. So close that I refuse to park in a space that doesn't have a open spot on each side. Maybe I'm just over-analyzing? I can make turns easily - no problem. However, I have a terrible time parking... left or right. Can you hand me any tips I can use to improve my parking skills? Also, I've been driving a big Ford F450. Do you think this is why it's so difficult? Would I be better off driving a Ford Explorer? Thanks in advance.

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Learning to park? Any tips, please?
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