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 key to a successful catering business...

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PostSubject: key to a successful catering business...   Mon Mar 14, 2011 2:42 am

The start up costs of even the smallest of businesses can run into the Hundred Thousand dollar mark.
Not only will you need to purchase equipment and food, you will also need a location. You can't run a catering operation out of your home kitchen.
You cannot even operate a hot dog cart without proper inspections, licenses, and a business tax number.
The government is required to periodically inspect all food related businesses to ensure that you are operating under state guidelines.
You cannot sell any food product unless you are preparing it in a commercial kitchen. The state will not issue you a license until they have confirmed this.
You cannot pass out business cards unless you are a licensed business and have a business tax number. The government wants their cut.
Any small businesses that you see that are doing all this without proper credentials are doing it illegally and are in danger of fines and perhaps even jail time, if a customer became ill or died from consuming their product.
It's an expensive project, but if done the right way, can be very rewarding and maybe the start of a thriving business.


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key to a successful catering business...
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