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 How to access internet without wifi?

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PostSubject: How to access internet without wifi?    Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:43 pm

I dont get how people access the internet without wifi at home. I want to get an Ipad, but how do I access the internet on it anywhere,and anytime. Also what is 3G,and what is it for internet and how do you use it? Also I heard the PSP2/NGP willhave 3G internet anywhere, how does that work...basically what i amasking is

How do you access the internet anywhere?
What is 3G?
How would 3G work in the new PSP2?
How can you get internet to work on ipads, anywhere?
How can you get internet access anywhere?
What inernet company should I go to?
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How to access internet without wifi?
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