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 Swivel mounting a 52" LED to metal studs

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PostSubject: Swivel mounting a 52" LED to metal studs   Sun Mar 13, 2011 11:15 am

So last weekend I bought a sharp 52" quattron LED, with swivel mount, only to find out that I had metal studs in my walls. After hours of researching online, here is how I mounted my tv.

I bought toggler bolts from homedepot that were rated at 100lbs each, I think they are 1/8th inch ones. I also bought a sheet of 3'x2' piece of 3/4" plywood. I attached the plywood to the wall using 16 toggler bolts to 3 metal studs (4 on each studs). This effectively made a external bracing between 3 of the metal studs. I then mounted the cheetah swivel mount to the plywood using 8 1" long 1/4" thick screw bolts. I also used washers for all the screws and bolts I had to use.

By doing it this method, I believe I have 3 metal studs that are supporting my tv, and the load from the mounting bracket is being distributed between the 3 studs by the plywood. Metal studs are fairly sturdy and are even more sturdier when you brace them.

I believe this is working, its been one full day and my tv is ok so far....only time will tell....
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Swivel mounting a 52" LED to metal studs
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