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PostSubject: New Coach Handbags outlet   Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:19 pm

A little bird is flying south for the winter on the way. Cold weather, birds frozen, fell from the sky or in a large farmland. It lay on the fields, when a cow came over and pull on bubble feces on it. Frozen bird lay Ugutsu pile, find dung was so warm. It slowly got it together, cow dung children here! It lay there, but also warm and happy, and soon began singing, happy. A passing cat heard the bird singing, came to check what happens. Along the sound, the cat discovered the bird hiding in cow dung, very quick to dig it out and ate it!A person to buy parrot, see a parrot before the Standard: This parrot two languages, price 200 yuan. Before another parrot is standard Road: This parrot will be four languages, price 400 yuan. Which is only to buy it? Two are coat bright, very flexible and cute. The man turn ah turn, could not decide. Results suddenly found an old toothless, parrots, scattered dark coat color, price 800 yuan. The man quickly called to the boss: the parrot would say that 8 is not a language? The owner said: no. The man strange: Why old and ugly, they can not afford, will value the advantages? Owner to answer: because the other two parrots parrot owner called.
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New Coach Handbags outlet
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