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 'Theme' Games on Next Gen

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PostSubject: 'Theme' Games on Next Gen   Thu Feb 24, 2011 11:23 pm

How come none of the classic 'theme' games seem to have been introduced on next gen consoles?

I suppose the closest type of thing at the minute is The Sims type gaming, but that's still not quite the same as what I'm on about.
I remember playing a few of them and some were pretty good. Building your own theme park had an aspect of challenge to it, and the yet the games themselves were pretty relaxed affairs. Their never seemed to be anything to taxing about running the place you'd built.

The best type of this game I ever got my hands on was the dementedly fun 'Theme Hospital' in which you had to build a hospital, kit it out with X-Ray rooms and wards and try your best to cure all the patients. Seeing those little blokes puke in the corridors, and the odd one snatched by the Grim Reaper was for a while pretty damn hilarious, and the challenge aspect of actually making progress in the game was fantastic. Given that you had to work pretty quick to get all the 'necessary' facilities up and running in time, and also remember that you needed toilets in your building so patients didn't just **** in the corner.

Does anyone else have such fond memories of these games?
Do you reckon an introduction of this sort of game would find a decent audience on Next-Gen consoles?

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'Theme' Games on Next Gen
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