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 tiffany jewelry outlet

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PostSubject: tiffany jewelry outlet    Sun Feb 13, 2011 11:25 pm

tiffany jewelry outlet
The petition pretended, to accuse the managers of urging matters against the petitioner that were not relevant, 'and, at the same time, it charged them with having knowingly spoken falsehoods. It was material, therefore, to them, that die truth of the facts should be made out. The honourable gentleman had stated the petition as he conceived it to be; he, on the other hand, had stated it according to what it was. The honourable tiffany and co outlet gentleman had stated it as if the petition had been what he wished it to be, and what tiffany and co outlet it ought to have been, and he did this with the greater confidence, because he seemed to have the countenance and tiffany outlet support of a member of great weight in the House. He observed, that Mr. Hastings had so managed as to convert his accusers into defenders; and, under the word irrelevant, he had brought against them the worst charge that could possibly be urgedthe charge of having uttered falsehoods at the bar of the House of Lords.tiffany and co outlet
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tiffany and co outletThe Master of the Rolls having given his opinion, that the averment of the falsehood was no more than a protestation or formal plea of not guilty, on the part of the petitioner, and tiffany jewelry outlet that, there Fore, it was not necessary to go into me proof, the House acquiesced in his opinion.Mr. Bouverie then moved, " That the House do now adjourn." This motion was opposed by Mr. Mitford, who observed, that too much attention coula not possibly be paid to the allegations of the petition, if they turned out to be true : if they were not true, the petition, and the person who presented it, merited the severest censure. The articles were full of the foulest criminal charges, and Mr. Hastings was to be considered as a man who tiffany on sale stood charged tiffany & co outlet with those crimes. If he was guilty, he wished him to fall by the load of those crimes, and not by the weight of his accusers.
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tiffany jewelry outlet
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