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tiffany outlet
The House having, upon an opinion of my diligence and fidelity, (for they could have no other motive,) put a great trust into my hands, ought to give me an entire credit for the veracity of every fact I affirm or deny. But if they fail with regard to me, it is at least in my power to be true to myself. I will not commit myself in an unbecoming contention with the agents of a criminal, whom it is my duty to bring to justice. tiffany and co outlet
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tiffany and co outletI am a member of a committee of secrecy, and I will not violate my trust by tiffany outlet turning myself into a defendant, and bringing forward, in my own exculpation, the evidence which I have prepared for his conviction. I will not let him know who the witnesses for the prosecution are, nor what they have to depose against him. Though I have no sort of doubt of the constancy and integrity of those witnesses, et because they are men, and men to whom, from my situation, owe protection, I ought not to expose them either to temptation or to danger. I will not hold them out to be importuned, or menaced, or discredited, or run down, or possibly to be ruined in their fortunes by the power and influence of this delinquent; except where the national service supersedes all other considerations If tiffany & co outlet I must suffer, I will suffer alone. No man shall fall a sacrifice to a feeble sensibility on my part, that at this time tiffany on sale of day might make me impatient of those libels, which, by despising through s6 many years, I have at length obtained the honour of being joined in commission with tiffany and co outlet this committee, and of tiffany jewelry outletbecoming an humble in •trusaent in the hands of public justice.The only favour tiffany and co outlet I have to supplicate from the House id, that their goodness would spare to the weakest of their members an unnecessary labour; by letting me know as speedily as possible, whether they wish to discharge me from my present office;
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tiffany outlet
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