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 tiffany & co outlet

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tiffany & co outlet
On the order of the dav for taking the petition of Mr Hastings into consideration, Mr. Montague rose and read, as part of his speech, the following letter to him from Mr. Burke:My Dear Sir,With the consent, as you know, and the approbation of the , committee, I am resolved to persevere in the resolution I had formed and had declared to the House, that nothing should persuade me, upon any occasion, least of all upon the present occasion, to enter into a laboured, litigious, artificial, defence of my conduct. Such a mode of defence tiffany on sale belongs to another sort of conduct, and to causes of a different description.As a faithful and ingenuous servant, I owe to thfe House a plain and simple explanation of any part of my behaviour which shall be called in question before them. I have given this explanation, and tiffany and co outlet in doing so I have done every thing which my own honour and my duty to the House could possibjv tiffany & co outlet require tiffany jewelry outletat my hands. The rest belongs to the House. They, I have no doubt, will act in a manner fit for a wise body, attentive to its reputation. I must be supposed to know something of the duty of a prosecutor for the public; otherwise neither ought the House to have conferred that trust upon me, nor ought 1 to have accepted it. I have not been disapproved by the first abilities in the kingdom, appointed by the same authority, not only fbr my assistance, tiffany and co outlet
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tiffany and co outletbut for my direction and control. You, who have honoured me tiffany outlet with a partial friendship, continued without interruption for twentyfour years, would not have failed in giving me tnat first and most decisive proof of friendship, to enlighten my ignorance and tiffany and co outlet to rectify tay mistakes. You have not done either; and I must act on the It is no compliment to mention what is known to the world, how well qualified you are for that office, from your deep parliamentary knowledge and your perfect acquaintance with ail the eminent examples of the ancient and modern world.
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tiffany & co outlet
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