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 This experiment

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PostSubject: This experiment   Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:18 pm

This experiment

This experiment was jimmy choo shoes tried, in my presence, by Elijah Buckle, one of the best stanchion-gunners in England, who lately left the coast of Essex for Southampton; and who was, for some weeks, in my employ; and to whom I am, most probably, indebted for not having remained much longer in ignorance on the subject. Indeed nothing but ocular de¬monstration would have convinced me of this argument What jimmy choo uggs pride and folly it is, then, for any one to hold himself above being shown, even by the most humble individual!
The gun was loaded with
MBT Shoes Clearance a pound of shot, and two ounces jimmy choo of Messrs. Curtis and Harvey's best " gunning powder." I fired from the confined swivel, as is generally used by the London gunmakers! in doing which I levelled at least a foot over the object; and, by this means (as the water and the paper proved), shot per¬fectly accurate. Buckle then fired; having taken level at the centre of the object, from the swivel: and the whole charge went into the water, be¬fore it had gone ninety yards, where the target was placed. I then began to MBT abuse Mr. D. Egg, and said, I hoped that Buckle, as an experienced gunner, and an engineer (he having been a long time in his Majesty's service), was convinced of the fault of the gun; on which he said, and with justice I own, that both "the London gendemen," and I, had " a little to learn yet." He then, to use his own words, " hove away that humbugging swivel;" and, by means of a large bolster of sheeps'-wool^red the gun from hit shoulder, with the same charge as before; which I put in myself. MBT Shoes
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This experiment
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