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 your boatman

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PostSubject: your boatman   Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:15 pm

your boatman

On the other hand, you and your boatman may have the good fortune to open your masked battery among their black columns; and, by first cutting a lane through them with a pound of the smallest duck shot, and then each of you discharging a large hand-gun, you may possibly secure a hundred wildfowl as fast as yourselves and a dog can collect them.
Having thus succeeded, beware not to let your eagerness be the means of endangering your
jimmy choo personal safety. Many have lost their lives by both having quitted the boat, which might soon drift away, and leave you " an in¬evitable prey to the returning MBT Shoes Clearance tide." Let one go out for the birds, taking with him the setting pole, MBT which will not only be useful in supporting him on his mud pattens, and finding out the deep places, but very handy, with the jimmy choo shoes fork at the end, in pinning down the wounded birds. The other person should be all this time close to him in the boat, rowing or pushing MBT Shoes with an oar, with which he may occasionally assist, in killing the crippled birds that are afloat. - This opportunity of shooting wigeon may be also taken by going out, when the evening is not too light, at high water, and keeping at a distance till the tide begins to leave the mud: on and round the first appearing part of which the birds will probably collect. : On this occasion, the shooters must be pro¬vided each with mud-boards, or they may be left all night on the mud, for want of being pre¬pared to haul their boat to a creek.
[A canoe or punt may be successfully used on a lake, pond, or river, by keeping it in
jimmy choo uggs parts where the water is shaded with the reflection of land objects, with which a small boat appears so confused, that the birds would, most likely, not perceive it, before you got a fair shot. Be careful, however, not to appear in a colour conspicuously different from the background; approach with caution; and, above all, beware of getting direcdy to windward of the birds.]

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your boatman
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